About Us

About Heavenly for Pets

Our Mission

Our Mission here at Heavenly for Pets is quite simple.  It’s all about “giving back”. Giving back to our customers; the earth; the planet and of course our employees.  Everyone who works here is passionate about treating the planet and the people and animals who live on it with respect.  

We are very much of the opinion that you get back what you give out and that is why you will see that our key words and ingredients are always some of these;

  • Recyclable
  • Compostable
  • Biodegradable
  • Organic
  • Natural
  • Sustainable

We cant guarantee that all of our products are 100% like that but as far as we can, we make sure they are. Our Pet Treats are made from natural ingredients; low on sugar and no preservatives. Our Pet Bowls are made from Bamboo which is totally biodegradable and a sustainable crop. Our Pet Accessories are all natural ingredients as much as possible. Many of our Pet Toys are either recycled T shirts ( so stopping them going into Landfill) or using plastic bottles in a very sustainable way. Our “ Poo Bags” are made from corn starch which is fully composable and is a natural fast occurring process. Additionally, we ensure that our packaging is as little as possible as well as recycled. All in all, we try to keep our ethos as simple as possible and hope you will join us on our journey..

    Our Store


    Office Hours

Monday-Saturday 11am–6pm
Sunday: Closed

Commitment To Quality

We like to think that we have taken great care sourcing our items; finding out where they were manufactured; that we are not involved in Slavery or Low Wages .  We make sure we have offered you, the customer, the best quality product at the fairest price.   We believe our quality and pricing structure is fair to everyone.  We can trace all of our products back to source 

Should there be any of our products which you are not satisfied with – then please contact us with your reasons and we will do our very best to change this.

A Positive Force For People

Here at Heavenly for Pets, this is what makes us excited


All of our staff are passionate about our products, ensuring you receive the very best. They are constantly sourcing new products and exploring new recipes.


We have all been in business for many years and bring with us a wealth of experience in management; marketing and of course quality control on all of our products .

Happy Customers

We aim for 100% satisfaction from our customers. Sometimes we cant achieve this, so please contact us and tell us how we can improve

Creative Products

Our small but committed team of Creative Directors are constantly sourcing our wonderful planet for new environmental friendly products. Check back from time to time to see our new products